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For Cameron Blackwood, Vanessa is the one who got away. The one who made him question everything. The one who broke his heart. He built an empire with his bare hands, but he’d give it all up for a chance to have her back–except she married someone else. Now he’s left with nothing but anger and ambition to warm his bed.

A decade later, their paths cross again. She’s taken control of his biggest rival company, and he’s determined to see her ruined. But his heart has other plans. Can she forgive him for the sins of his past? Can he forgive her for breaking his heart? Truths will be revealed, emotions bared. Neither of them is prepared for what lies in store.

This story covers a decade of sex, lies, and heartbreak. Emotions run high as Vanessa and Cam weave their way through each other’s lives. Past and present collide in an explosive reunion that’s going to turn the Seaforth empire on its ear.

Available for Pre-Order now.





8 thoughts on “Coming Soon”

  1. Can you tell me when Pretty Filthy Lies will be available in Australia on iTunes? Just read the first and need the second…

    Cheers Gabby

    1. There’s been a slight hiccup with the book on iTunes and it has been removed from sale temporarily. It should be up in the next day or so. I apologize for the delay! And thank you so much for reading!

  2. Are the remaining books to this series written? How can I get my hands on them now?? I read way to quickly and had no idea there was a series until I was one deep already! I love this crew and their quirky ways!! I should have stopped at the one…but no I had to keep going. Now I will have to diarize this series to look for in the future. Please tell me there is a way to keep reading!! 😩

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! This is a new series that I’m currently working on.

      There will be five books total in the series (maybe more later). Pretty Broken Girl, Pretty Filthy Lies, Pretty Dirty Secrets, Pretty Wild Thing (releasing in the next week or so), and Pretty Broken Promises (release December 2016). You can find all the buy-links listed on the “Books” page. To keep up with my latest releases, you can follow my author page on Amazon or Bookbub (see link at the top of this page).

      Thank you again for commenting.

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